Travel Companion


Travel Companion includes six separate functions: Itinerary Editor, Translator, Currency Converter, Map, Camera, Photo Viewer, and Media Player. To switch between these functions, swipe the bottom of the Screen to bring up the Bottom Application Menu, or press the right mouse button.

All screens support a "Snapped" view. While Snapped, the functionality changes somewhat in order to support the smaller layout.

The date at the bottom left of the screen shows the current Day and Date, but the Year is perpetually 1948. This does not represent an actual date in 1948.

Itinerary Editor

Use the Menu at the left to select the current Trip, or create new Trips. New Trips are automatically made current once created. Edit Trips using the application button at the top right. Trips must have a Start Date, and are "Open" if there is no End Date.

Trips should have one or more stops. Stops may be Added, Edited, or Removed using the Application Buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Select a Stop by Tapping. Set optional Stop Alarms using the Alarm Button on the Stop. Also, the Stop Map Location may be set using the Map Button. If a Stop Map Location isn't set, it will not show up on the Map View.

Notes are displayed on a single line on this page only if your device supports a minimum resolution. In Snapped View, only the Itinerary Stops are displayed in a List.


The Translator requires an active Internet connection. Select the To and From Languages, then type any text into the Text Box. Tap the Translate Button to translate the text. Tap the Speak Button to first Translate then Speak the translated in the Translated Language. Once translated, you may Zoom the Text to full screen using the Zoom Button.

To insert a "Common Phrase" open the Side Menu, then Tap the desired phrase. The Text of the Phrase will be appended to the text to translate from. Clear the text first to see only the selected phrase. Phrases may be edited by opening the side menu, then Tapping the Edit button at the Bottom. A side Charm menu will open where you can edit and replace any phrase, or change to another language.

Travel Map

Most Map operations require an active Internet connection. Select the Map Options from the Application Bar on the left. Map Options may be made smaller by pressing the Header in order to see more Direction Content. The Map Options should be self-explainatory. Use the "Use Current Location" option with the Directions Option to always lookup your current location as the starting Point. Otherwise, you will need to enter both a starting and ending point for directions.

While in Snapped View, you may keep the left menu open to directions to see turn-by-turn results.

Travel Camera

The Camera requires a connected WebCam or other video input device. Change the camera using the Application Menu on the left. All Photos are placed in your Pictures Library using the Current Trip as the sub-folder. If no current Trip is selected, photos are stored in the Pictures Library main folder.

To take many photos in sequence, turn off the Flash Simulator, Editor, and Countdown Timer for faster response.

Trip Photos

All photos taken with the Trip Camera are displayed here. The default view is Sepia toned, though the original photos are not altered in any way. To change the view, bring up the Side App Menu, and select the view. Tap a photo, or use the Zoom Geture to see a larger photo. When in Zoomed mode, swipe the screen or use the mouse to scroll from photo to photo. Use the Zoom Out geture, or click the Bottom '-' button, to go back.

To display photos for other Trips, go to the Itinerary Page, bring up the Trip Selector using the Bottom App Bar, select the desired Trip as current, then go back to Trip Photos.

To display other Photos, de-select the current trip the same way. When no Trip is selected, all photos in your Pictures Folder will display using the default View.

Currency Converter

The Currency Converter requires an active Internet connection. Select the To and From Currencies, then press either the Convert or Convert Back buttons. By default, 1 currency will be displayed. To convert another amount, enter any number into the Converstion Amount.

Media Player

Tap the Television or Radio to change stations (media). Swipe the screen to switch between the two. The Radio plays in the background while in other functions. Adjust the radio volume using the slider below the radio. Additional content is available in the Full Version.

Media Copyrights

All media used by Travel Companion is incorporated under Creative Common License:Public Domain

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