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Take Travel Boy with you on every Trip, as a companion, guide, and cute-as-a-button friend. Travel Companion is a 6-in-1 travel app consisting of:
  • Itinerary editor
  • Travel Map
  • Language Translator
  • Currency Converter
  • Photo Camera
  • Period Entertainment
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Create multiple Trips each with any number of Trip Stops, along with Alarms, Trip Notes, Location Map, Stop Types, and more. Select any Trip, past or future, to edit and view. Travel Boy is always there with you.
Itinerary - Trip Editor

Set Trip Start and End times, Name, and Trip Notes.
Itinerary - Stop Editor

Trips have one or more Trip Stops. For each Stop, set the Name, Date and Time, Stop Type, and take Notes about the Stop. Trip Types help organize your Trip into categories such as plane, hotel, auto, and dinner reservations, sight-seeing, work, or leisure time.
Itinerary - Stop Alarm

Travel Companion can run in the background on Windows 8 and notify you of upcomming Stops by setting the Stop Alarm. There are many Alarm Types and options for you to choose. Stop Alarms can be set on Stop Time, 15 minutes, or 1 hour prior to the Stop.
Itinerary - Stop Map

Set the location for each Stop with the Stop Map, then switch between road-map, birds-eye, or satalite view to expore the location. The Travel Map can show each stop location on our Trip.

Translate to and from almost any language. Select the to and from languages, type in your text, then press Translate. Travel Boy will show you the text, and optionally the computer will speak the translated text.
Translator - Common Phrases

The Travel Companion Translator can translate commom phrases which you can select from instead of typing. These phrases may be edited changed at any time.
Translator - Call Out

Having trouble communicating on your trip? Have Travel Boy translate then open the Call Out to show the text full screen (that's Travel Boy talking LOUDLY).
Travel Map

The Travel Map shows your current location with a Road Map. Optionally display Travel Directions, Trip Stops, and Travel Routes.
Travel Map - Directions

Specify start address and end address and Travel Boy will tell you how to get there, distance, travel-time and step-by-step turns.
Currency Conversion

Travel Boy will give you up to the minute Currency Conversion rates, convert amounts, and convert back. Select the to and from currencies, set the amount, then Travel Boy goes to work.
Trip Photos

With the Trip Camera, your photos are organized by Trip. Optionally enter a caption after each picture and crop before saving. Travel Boy includes the location, caption, and other important information with every photo.
Trips Photos - Options

Photo default can be changed at any time.
Trop Photos - Photo Viewer

The Photo Viewer allows you to view the origain photo, or as Travel Boy prefers in period effect.
Fun Stuff - 1948 Television

Watch televion as Travel Boy does, in the Travel Companion way-back TV. Change channels, zoom, and adjust volume for 1948 commercials and shorts.
Fun Stuff - 1948 Radio

Listen to historic period radio in the background as you use Travel Companion.
Fun Stuff - 1948 Comic Book

As an added bonus, read an authentic comic book from 1948, complete with all shorts and ads. Travel Boy picked the issue...

This is Travel Boy...

Travel Companion featuring Travel Boy is a Modern UI application with a retro 1940’s Look and Feel. Take Travel Boy with you on trips to the lake or long voyages to far-away lands. Let Travel Boy schedule your activities, keep track of reservations, translate languages, convert currencies, update travel directions, snap trip photos, and play period music on any venture. Whether traveling near or far, travel back in time with Travel Boy!

  • Itinerary editor
    • Add and Edit Multiple Trips
    • Add and Edit Multiple Stops per Trip
      • Trip and Stop Begin/End Date and Time
      • Trip Notes and Separate Stop Notes
    • Stop Type
    • Stop Alarm
      • 5 Alarm Types
      • Variable Alarm Times per Stop
    • Stop Map - View Stop location on Map
  • Translator
    • Translate from and to any language
    • Text to speech in selected Language
    • Zoom translated text
  • Travel Map
    • Map and Turn by Turn Directions To and from any address, with address lookup
    • Show Trip Stops on Map
    • Show Trip Photos on Map (where taken)
    • Track current Location
    • Show Traffic on Map
  • Camera
    • Take Trip Photos using a single Button
    • Automatic location and caption embedded with each Photo
    • Support multiple Cameras/WebCams
    • Optional Simulated Flash, Countdown Timer, Simulated Camera Sounds
    • Optional Cropping of Photos before saving (or discard)
    • Camera Settings easily accessed while using Camera
  • Currency Converter
    • Convert any amount To and From any currency
    • Convert Back
  • Separate Fully Functional Snap Screen for each function
  • Travel Boy remembers settings for each activity so you can easily jump from task to task without losing your place.

What People are Saying
"I used this little gem to plan all of my activities for a upcoming vacation and it really made my life a lot easier. As I got deeper into it, I found the ability to "capture the moments" to be a great feature. For an upcoming trip I can't wait to use the map and translate features - too cool!"
"Five Stars! Well done!"

"Thanks for the GREAT app! Our family used the trip stops along with the camera to track our European vacation. It worked beutifully. The kids love the old-time radio."
"NeuTravel Companion is the most complete app we have seen until now. It features every functionality we have been detailing so far. With this app you can have a clear view or the reservations you have, plan your activities, routes, convert currencies, translate words and phrases and even play the country’s specific music."
"We are impressed with the quality of your app and encourage you to keep this high standard in the future."
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