Sight Words Tracing


To use Sight Words Tracing to print practice writing pages for students follow these three easy steps:

The Menu Bar at the bottom of the application can be used to switch between Template Selection and Page Configuration. To Open or Close the App Bar, swipe the bottom of the screen, or click the right-button of the mouse. Select a Template by clicking (or touching) from the list. When selected, the Page Preview shows the standard layout. Click the Templates Button again to switch to the Page Layout.

The Page Layout area contains three expandable sections:

Page Layout
Grid Layout
Text Entry

Click any one of these to expand or collapse the area. The Page Layout section contains controls to modify the Preview/Printed Page, such as Margins, Fonts, Headers, Footers, and Colors. The Grid Layout allows you to change the number of Tracing Grid Lines on the Page, the Tracing Text Fonts and Colors, and to select and display images on the page.

Finally the Text Entry allows you to customize the Tracing Letters or Words on each line.

When your design is complete, Press the Print Button on the App Bar to print the page to your selected printer. Adjust the Page Margins and Grid Lines if all the text does not print correctly.


When changing the Font Sizes or Grid lines, note the Page Preview and be sure to adjust the Page Margins from the Page Layout so all texts fits on the page.

For younger students, change the Page Orientation to Landscape, and make the text size larger with fewer Grid Lines.

For learning letters, use the Dashed Font with larger text. For learning Spelling words, use the solid font and Portrait orientation.

For school use, you may wish to include the optional Name and Date on the header from the Page Layout section. For Home School, the date is still important to keep track of student progress.