Writing skills are important.

Preschool children today are learning to type before they pick up a pencil. Penmanship is going the way of the transistor radio, as are pens. Children still need to write for school, and Sight Words Tracing can help. With over 60 templates of Dolch Sight Words, you can print out pages for practice, or use the new “Practice” feature with a tablet and stylus. This serves three purposes:
  • Teaching penmanship
  • Leaning to recognize the most popular words for each grade
  • Teaching spelling.
If you have children, or teach children grades pre-K through 3rd Grade, Sight Words Tracing is the premier teaching tool in the Microsoft Store. Download it today…

Configuration Options

Whether teaching block letters or cursive, Sight Words Tracing lets you configure text, images, fonts, text size, lines on page, and optional images so that the printed pages are appropriate for any early grade level. Change sizes, fonts, and page orientation as your student progresses.
Template Selection

All sight Dolsh Sight Words, from pre-K through 3rd Grade are included as templates. Select the template then print a single practice page or multiple copies at the same time using the Windows 8 Print Device Interface.
Custom Templates

Each template is just a start. Once selected, any configuration can be changed, including adding notes, changing lines, etc.
Help Is Always Available

Extensive help is availble, from either the Windows 8 Charms Menu, or Sight Words Tracing bottom App Bar.
Down load Sight Words Tracing from the Windows Store today!
Sight Words Tracing allows teachers and parents to design and print writing practice pages for Pre-Kindergarten to Third Grade students to learn ABCs, letters, word spelling, and cursive writing. Designed for school use, or home-school, Sight Words Tracing teaches students to use a pencil rather than a mouse and keyboard.

  • 5 Tracing Fonts (Block Dashed, Block Standard, Block Bold, Cursive Regular, Cursive Dashed)
  • Variable Tracing Text Size (can be set larger for younger students)
  • Uses any Printer – Landscape or Portrait 8 ½ x 11 paper.
  • Select from Age-Grouped Templates or design your own pages to print.
  • Variable Lines per Page
  • Insert your own graphic images on printed page
  • Customizable Headers and Footers
  • Prints standard Three-Line Tracing Grid with selected number of lines per page
  • Page preview shows Page Layout before you print to save wasted paper.
  • Over 65 Page Templates Included
  • Page Templates include Learning ABCs to 3rd Grade Dolsh Sight Words
What People are Saying
"My wife and I were talking about how handwriting is becoming a lost art in the school system and how kids learn to type these days before they pick up a pencil. I found this program incredibly useful for teaching our youngster the often-not-so-fine-art of handwriting. Thanks for creating just what we were looking for!"
"Thanks for adding the practice option. Now my kids can practice on their tablet on trips."
"As a teacher, we don't have as many materials for our classes as we used to. The tracing program helps out tremendously."
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