About eBillboard

Design your own Electronic Billboard Display.

Include images, audio, and video on any page, then adjust the page transitions and display your sign. eBillboard is perfect for office "Welcome" signs, restaurants, parties, and retail windows for store specials.

eBillboard Setup

Set text, images, and audio for each Billboard Page.
About eBillboard

Set the display preferences.
eBillboard Options

Run you Billboard!
eBillboard Running

Run you Billboard!


Use eBillboard to create animated signs and billboards for storefronts, offices, and entryways. Create unlimited number of eBillboards, each with multiple pages for displays.
  • Create any number of eBillboards, then select the current eBillboard to display
  • Each eBillboard has a background page with Header, Footer, and optional audio
  • Includes text editor supporting multiple fonts and sizes per page, or cut and paste text and images from your favorite editor
  • Each eBillboard can contain multiple display pages
  • Each Display Page can contain text, image, or video
  • Includes five page transitions
  • Variable Page display durations
  • Variable Page transition durations
  • Free version is advertiser sponsored - upgrade to full version to adjust advertising
Make Money Advertising

If your business has a MS Pubcenter advertising account, you can make money displaying your eBillboard.

With the full version, you can enter your PubCenter App ID, and have ads displayed while your eBillboard runs 24/7/365. Banner ads are optional, but when displayed are unobtrusive. They also make you money.

Download the full-version from the MS Store today, and setup your PubCenter Advertising account. Your eCPMs and revenue will start adding up overnight.

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