It is necessary to Test neuTracker with your devices. Testing sets required permissions for your computer and sets up Sky Drive to receive tracking information. neuTracker will not function without these settings.

If permissions change, you should retest from the App Bar Menu.

You may retest at any time. If testing is successful, you will see a photo for the device on the Main Page, along with collected tracking data. If you do not see this photo, verify your Internet connection, Sky Drive account, and device Permission.

Sky Drive Usage

neuTracker requires an active Internet connection in order to upload tracking data to you Sky Drive. You must also have an active Sky Drive account for the logged in user.

During Testing, a 'neuTracker' folder will be created from your root Sky Drive. neuTracker will only write tracking data from this folder, and will never read or update any other Sky Drive information.

While you are able to share Sky Drive data from the neuTracker Folder, shared Photos will not display Bing Maps when viewing Tracking Data from Sky Drive. You may still view Maps of Shared Photos from with the neuTracker application.

The new Windows 8.1 SkyDrive app will display neuTracker photos, but will not display embedded tracking information. For this reason, you should use the SkyDrive Live WebSite if you wish to see location data.

Geopositioning Support

Most Windows 8 devices have built-in Geopositioning that can be used for location detection. This must be enabled in Permissions. The Preferences allows two location resolutions, but not all devices support changing resolutions, so you should Test neuTracker with both settings to see if the accuracy changes. The default is ‘Normal’ and should be sufficient in most scenarios.

neuTracker saves Geolocation data as Exif Metadata in the JPEG photos it uploads to Sky Drive. This Exif Metadata also includes the Device Name, Serial Number, and Time the photo was taken. The Time is stored as UTC (Greenwich Mean Time), and neuTracker will convert this to local time when viewing the data in order to support multiple time-zones. Sky Drive does not convert from UTC.

Tracked Street Addresses rely on Bing Services reverse location lookup. Rooftop addresses are currently only available in the U.S. As more addresses for reverse lookup become available, they will appear automatically when viewing Tracking Details.

You may optionally disable Geolocation tracking from the Settings Charm Menu - although this defeats the purpose of neuTracker.

Webcam Support

When tracking is enabled, neuTracker will take a 640x480 snapshot from the selected Webcam on the device. If the device has more than one camera, the first available will be selected as default. You may change this default from the Preferences. If there is no camera on the device, or the camera is unavailable (in use) during tracking, a default neuTracker JPEG image will be used which will contain all available tracking data.

If a new camera is installed after installing neuTracker, the new camera should be tested using the ReTest from the App Bar.

You may optionally disable Webcam snapshots from the Settings Charm Menu.

Activating Tracking

The background process which triggers the tracking is enabled after testing. The default interval is set to every hour, with overwrite one. To change the tracking interval, or to enable tracking and other device options, open the Settings Charm Menu and change the desired settings. If tracking is disabled, the background process still runs, but does not track and does not upload tracking information to your SkyDrive.

If there is a proble seeing the tracking data, Test the devices again, and check your 'Permissions' from the Charms Menu.

Best Practicies

Enter the serial number of you device in Preferences. This will be important in recovering your device, should you loose track of it.

For security, neuTracker should be UnPinned from the Start Menu and closed after testing and configuration options are set. A stranger may uninstall neuTracker and/or disable Tracking if it is obvious they can do so.

If there is more than one User Account, neuTracker should be installed on a 'Guest Account', or the most likely User Account a stranger would use when starting the device.

neuTracker retrieves all available tracking data from all devices upon startup, and after Testing. The application does not automatically Sync with Sky Drive otherwise. To reSync tracking data from Sky Drive, use the App Bar Menu ‘ReSync’ Button.

Tracked Photos may be deleted by viewing the Detail (‘Click’ on the photo or Zoom) then ‘Remove’ from the App Bar. All tracked photos may also be deleted manually from your Sky Drive.

If you delete the tracking photos from the SkyDrive 'neuTracker' folder (or delete the neuTracker folder), you may wish to Sync the files again from the Bottom App Bar.

Detailed tracking data may be printed by selecting the Photo, then pressing the 'Print' button from the Bottom App Bar. Printouts include areas to enter additional notes.