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Dude! Where's my Computer?

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Find out where your lost (or stolen) computer is. neuTracker simultaneously supports multiple Windows 8 devices (Desktops, Laptops, and Tablets) - so install it on all your devices for safety, security, and peace of mind.

Set interval, devices to track, and the new Overwrite option. Overwrite lets you either collect a single tracking photo per device, or a separate tracking photo each interval.
Tracked Location

For each Tracked locaiton, you can veiw the time, WebCam capture, the location and street address, and view on Bing Maps (with street view, or birds-eye). No more guessing where your device is.

Should your device be lost or stolen, you can print out a 'Tracking Report' for each known location.
Tracking Report

Tracking Reports can be used as Police Reports, with all data (including map) and section for notes on where the device was last seen.

If you have no computer available after yours was lost or stolen, you can use any internet connected computer to access all tracking information from SkyDrive.


Tracking: On
neuTracker tracks your Windows 8 device when you can't find it. Running silently in the background, neuTracker uploads captured images to your private Sky Drive with External IP Address, Geo-positioning Data, and Street Address. Tracked Data can be viewed securely, from any Web Browser even it neuTracker isn't installed on your device.
  • Invisibly runs in background
  • Using Sky Drive, view all Tracking Data from any web browser - even if neuTracker is not installed on current computer
  • Tracking Data includes optional Webcam photo (if available), External IP Address, Device Name and Serial Number, and embedded Geopositioning Location (if available)
  • Tracking Data is stored as JPG Exif Metadata, so information can be viewed from any photo viewer that supports JPG Exif.
  • Selectable Webcam if device has multiple cameras (i.e. front or rear)
  • If no Webcam is available during Tracking, will use default JPG image with same Metadata
  • Includes Bing Maps on Zoomed In View to view tracked street location(s) as well as an Address lookup.
  • Multiple Tracked Data Views
  • Supports Printing Detailed Tracking Pages of selected Tracked Locations
  • When activated, starts tracking as soon as Internet is available
  • Variable Tracking update interval - minimum interval 1 hour, maximum daily
Don't let this happen to you. Know where your Windows 8 device is with neuTracker.
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