Windows 10 Apps

neuFund Financial Triggers & Charting
Windows 10 Stock Charting and Triggers
Computer Tracker
Dude, where's my computer?
Travel Companion
Travel back in time with Travel Boy.
Sight Words Tracing
Learn to write with Sight Words.
Photo Metadata Editor
Edit Exif Metadata from Photographs.
Windows 10 Ultra-Clock
The best Clock for Windows
Electronic Billboard
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Windows Desktop Apps

neuMedia Photo & Video Booth
Our Premier Kiosk Software - Free Download

Silverlight Apps

About Silverlight

First released in 2007, Silverlight remains a popular development environment for Line-of-Business web-applications. As a “browser-plugin”, it runs on all version of Windows, Mac OS X, and within all popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Google Chrome.

neuMedia has been developing Silverlight applications since the first release and has extensive experience with all versions up to Version 5, as well as the extensibility tool-kits, third-party libraries, web-site integration, and remote WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) and services.

Try our Silverlight Apps here (source code is available), and contact us to learn more about our Silverlight contract development.

Click here to try Webcam Fun!

Source Code available from SilverlightXAP. Integration services also available.

Wizard Carousel

Available from SilverlightXAP

Sight Words Tracing SL
(for Silverlight 5)
This is the same as the Windows 8 Sight Words Tracing, but in a browser. Free to use.

Custom App Development

Thirty years ago, businesses were listed in the Yellow Pages of the phone book. Twenty years ago, they put up a web site. Ten years ago, social networking began, and additional content on sites like Facebook and Google+ became requisite.

Today, 70% of internet traffic originates from mobile devices, and consumers interact with Apps more than web-pages. Like the Yellow Pages of yesterday, businesses today must have their own Apps for Windows Phone, iTunes + iPhone/iPad, Android, and the Windows 8 Store in order to engage and interact with customers.

Unlike static pages of a print ad, however, apps must have dynamic content, targeted and relevant information, and most importantly, provide a unique user experience.

neuMedia Software can write these Apps for your company. We offer completive pricing with fast turnaround – to drive new customers and keep existing ones. Contact neuMedia Software today for a free quote.


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